November 2018 Video


Video clip on Buddha’s Fourth Truth

The core of Buddha’s Fourth Truth is this sentence: “There is salvation for him whose self disappears before truth, whose will is bent on what he ought to do, whose sole desire is the performance of his duty”. He finishes with, “He who is wise will enter this path and make an end to suffering”.

“Entering this path” is where the rubber hits the road. How does one enter? I have a little biological trick I use when necessary. It seems to work the same way putting a smile on your face can lift your spirits a little. It amounts to preparing oneself for battle, which as we know, living life often amounts to. So try this:

Sit or stand up straight, roll your shoulders back and puff out your chest. Firm up your core muscles (abdominals), close your mouth, firm up your lips and jaw. Your body should now feel more ready to plunge into battle.

Of course, not a battle really, but your body doesn’t know that right now. If you were actually going into battle, you would fare much better if your “self disappears before truth”, if your “will is bent on what you ought to do”, if your “sole desire is the performance of your duty”. These physical adjustments at least pull your body into this framework. I find my attitude follows along for a while. And really, isn’t this all about attitude — how we approach life.