We know, and yet…


I sense that we intuitively ‘know’ much without being able to logically understand it, and that leaves us bewildered, curious, and such.
I got to thinking in correlation-ese about this. Why is it so difficult to wrap our heads around the some things?

Life ~ logical ~ limited ~ illusion…
Death ~ intuitive ~ infinite ~ real…

Here is what those correlations ‘say’: So as we are alive, we are instinctively driven to ‘know’ the mystery explicitly and logically. As it is not logical, we are easily stumped because the logical always ends in paradox when it hits mystery’s ‘event horizon’. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Event_horizon)

Given this dynamic, I realize that scripture appeals to both our intuitive sense of reality, and our logical ‘illusions’, especially the sense that the illusion of self, “I”, is capable of control. That scripture validates that free will is essential, otherwise no one would value it. The promise of power over our self is irresistible. That scripture supports what we intuitively know imparts profound ‘street cred’. Perhaps chapter 65 hints at this… Of ancients adept in the way, none ever use it to enlighten people,They will use it in order to fool them.

Bringing our intuitive ‘pre-knowledge’ forward into explicit knowledge that we can act upon is possible if we tune out some of the distractions, hustle and bustle of modern life. Listen to this Hidden Brain report on what they call ‘deep work’, You 2.0: The Value Of ‘Deep Work’ In An Age Of Distraction.

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